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The Best All Natural Deer and Critter Repellents

Are you tired of deer constantly invading your garden and munching on your plants? Have you tried unsightly deer fences or other means of keeping deer out of the yard with no success? Don’t give up yet—try Deer Out™! Over the past 12 years, LaTorre's Deer Out™ Deer Repellent has become one of America's favorite all natural deer repellents for one simple reason—it works!

Thousands of nurserymen, landscape professionals, backyard gardeners, and commercial farmers choose LaTorre's Deer Out™ Deer Repellent year in and year out to effectively solve their deer problem. Our deer repellent products are guaranteed to keep deer away without chemicals or poisons, making them safe around your pets and children.

Deer Out™ is available in many convenient sizes. Click here for pricing and to buy with confidence. We are so certain that you will be pleasantly surprised by the minty fresh scent and astonished by the results that we proudly back our deer repellent products with a 100 percent money back guarantee.

Be sure to check out what other gardeners from around the country are saying about Deer Out™. Click here to read their reviews.

  • Deer Out™ is super long lasting and can last up to 3 months or more
  • Deer Out™ won't wash off
  • Deer Out™ has a pleasant Peppermint fresh scent
  • Our 40oz spray bottle is very cost effective (you get 25 percent more deer repellent for the same price or less than most leading brands!)

Also check out our complete line of proven effective animal repellents for Rabbits, Groundhogs, Woodchucks, Rats, Mice and Raccoons.

Our Products

Deer Out™ –  Deer Out™ is the deer repellent of choice for thousands of professional and hobbyist gardeners nationwide. A single application of Deer Out™ can keep deer away from your garden for up to three to four months. Click here to learn more about Deer Out deer repellent»

Critter Out™ – Do you have mice, squirrels, raccoons, and other small animals that like to make a home inside your home during the winter? Keep them out with Critter Out™! Unlike other pest control methods, Critter Out™ doesn’t kill vermin—it’s more humane, and you don’t have to deal with the smell and hassle of dead animals! Click here to learn more about Critter Out™ critter repellent »

Rabbit Out™ – Rabbits in your garden can do just as much damage as deer, so keep them out with Rabbit Out™! Rabbit Out™ lasts 30 days and will protect your plants from rabbits and groundhogs. Click here to learn more about Rabbit Out™ rabbit repellent »

If you need to keep animals out of your garden, go with the brand America has trusted for more than a decade. Order your Deer Out™, Critter Out™, or Rabbit Out™ today!


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