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Here’s how to get rid of rabbits in your vegetable garden & groundhogs (woodchucks): Use LaTorre’s RABBIT & GROUNDHOG OUT all natural animal repellent and deterrent.

Rabbit Repellent
Groundhog Repellent
Won’t harm the animals
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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For the first time in 6 years, my wife has had an unmolested garden. I recommend your product to anyone I know that has a garden. It’s so nice to not have to maintain the chicken wire every summer now that I have a RABBIT OUT fence.

Regards, Adam Wagner
Milwaukee, WI

I Love “Rabbit Out”. It worked immediately and continued to work after waterings and even after several days of hard rain with intense “Santa Ana” winds.

Thank you, Bonnie King
Lowalinda, CA

My home office window overlooks my backyard. I just watched a rabbit hop in, sniff around, and leave. It never crossed onto my lawn. Hooray! The primary reason for trying your product was to keep rabbits off of the lawn. Now I am going to order more more more. Thanks again, you can quote me!

Elizabeth Matz
Milwaukee, WI

I had previously purchased Rabbit Out and found it to be a great way to keep our community’s rabbits from destroying my plants. Recently, my wife re-ordered the product, but we received Deer Out™. When she called to obtain directions for returning the Deer Out™ and getting the Rabbit Out shipped, she was told to keep the Deer Out™ and that you would ship the Rabbit Out to her at no charge. That’s awesome service! And that’s why we will continue to patronize your business.

Thanks again, Michael Egan
Henderson, NV 89052

This Stuff Kicks Butt!!! This spring I ordered a gallon of your anti-rabbit concentrate for my garden plants. Currently, I have tomatoes and sunflowers in the garden. I’ve been worried about the young tomatoes because rabbits around here will eat the tops right off! Well, I mixed the stuff up and sprayed my plants last week. We’ve had two hard rains since then which made me wonder if the stuff would be as potent. The great ending to this story is that I just spent a humorous five minutes watching a rabbit out in my garden sniffing the tomatoes and sunflowers, just wanting to eat them, yet moved on to the dandelions a foot away!!! I had a smug grin, let me tell you! I’ve also observed the squirrels in our garden to see if they would dig around the plants. They haven’t messed with them at all. You people have a great product! You may use my testimony, if you like. Thanks for selling a product that does exactly as you claim.

Rex Burgess
Monroe, WI

Rabbit and Groundhog is amazing. Nothing else was this effective and as long lasting. My plants love it. Now they can grow nibble free. Sandra Jacobs Pueblo, CO Rabbit and Groundhog performed like no other that I have tried to use, to stop the rabbits from eating up my flowers and lawn. And the fact that it is all natural is the best for everyone. Thank you so much for sending me something that really did the job.

Phyllis Jacoby
Los Angeles, CA

I have used rabbit and groundhog out on my hostas this spring as they emerged and have now reached a larger size than ever before. Rabbits and other small animals have always nibbled on the hosta leaves in the previous years ruining their overall appearance and growth. With Rabbit and Groundhog Out I’m proud to say all my leaves are intact this year. It works!!!

Mrs. Lori Wallace
Lexington, NE

I Received Rabbit and Groundhog Out just in time to protect my bushes from rabbits. My husband had just pointed out the rabbit damage. After applying it we did not notice any further damage. It did a great job!

Barb Schroeder
Muskego, WI

I couldn’t believe how great Rabbit Out works! As soon as my hostas & vegetables started growing the rabbits attacked them right away. But after applying Rabbit and Groundhog Out I was now able to grow healthy large plants. Great Stuff!

Mrs. Jan Cicatello
Hamburg, NY

I sprayed Rabbit and Groundhog on my plants in the garden when I set them out. Normally I plant extra plants for the rabbits to eat. However, this year since using the product I have not had one rabbit in the garden. I see them in the yard but they stay away from my vegetable plants. Its easy to use and it really works.

Mrs. Linda Pittman
Goreville, IL

We live in the country and have rabbits, moles and voles. After noticing the bunnies were eating my tulip leaves as they came up, I sprayed the rabbit and groundhog out! I haven’t seen any more damage to my plants.

Mrs. Frances K Samson
Freeland, MI

We had an ice storm in March. Everything was sheeted in ice. The rabbits decided the grape vines should be eaten. Noticing this I sprayed them with the rabbit and groundhog out. The rabbits left the vines alone! It was easy to use and very effective.

Traci Milbrett
Chelsea, IA

We live in the country and have many cottontail rabbits. We love to watch them in the morning and late afternoon. So I didn’t want anything that would kill them. I just lightly sprayed Rabbit and Groundhog Out on my young plants and the rabbits stayed away. No fuss or mess. ITS GREAT!!! And it’s easy to spray.

Marqueita Coon
Paden, OK

Over the winter the rabbits began chewing the bark off my shrubs and fruit trees. A couple applications of Rabbit and Groundhog Out were all it took and no more rabbit problems. The product seems to lasts a long time between applications.

Mr. Roger Turk
Black Earth, WI

This is the first year I have not had to replace my tomato plants or flowers. I also used Rabbit and Groundhog out on my neighbor’s plants with excellent results. Pleasant smell for humans. But definitely Keeps the rabbits away.

Peggy Carter
Lexington, KY

I love Rabbit and Groundhog Out I would highly recommend it.

Mrs. Teresa Rush
Hazelwood, MO

We usually have rabbits nibbling on our plants. When we planted 30 new rose bushes, I know we would need some kind of protection. I sprayed Rabbit and Groundhog Out on all the new plants and no rabbits!!! All of the new leaves and plants have been saved.

W. A. Hellberg
Tehachapi, CA

I have no groundhogs, but lord knows we have rabbits! Rabbit Out kept them away from the garden very well and its very easy to use.

Katrina Tadema Wielandt
Waynesboro, VA

Rabbit and Groundhog Out was great! I am a seed person and always have problems with rabbits eating my seedlings. This was the best thing ever in fact I didn’t have a single bite out of my plants. Where can I buy more in my area!!!!

Ms. Catherine E. Turner
Pittsfield, MA

Just sending an email to let you know how pleased I am with “Rabbit and GroundHog Out”. Our neighborhood is overrun with rabbits. I’ve tried other repellents in the past, but they had a foul smell and left a mildewy looking film on my plants. I don’t have either of those problems with “Rabbit Out”. Last year, the rabbits chewed off every lily stem in the garden. This year, several times I have seen them go right up to the garden boundary, lick their chops as they look at the lilies, and hop away. Amazing!! Thanks for producing a fine product.

Denis Fink
De Pere, WI

Your product Rabbit & Groundhog Out certainly seems to work well, I first ordered the 40 oz spray to try and have now ordered the gallon. Last year, my hostas were eaten to the ground the day after they appeared. This year with the spray,which I ordered and used at the first sign if them being eaten, they are full and beautiful Kathleen Giammusso Berlin, NJ I ordered Rabbit/Groundhog repellant for the 2005 spring bulb/summer flower season. I have rabbits all over the darned place! I had a queasy feeling spraying my delicate tulips, Impatiens, pansies etc in the blazing Colorado summer sun, I was sure they would be fried the next morning! they were not fried, and because I also sprayed the lawn about a foot out from my gardens, I awoke to find rabbits stacked up in my small front yard, trying to eat my grass without going near the Rabbit Out sprayed lawn! I admit I was not convinced at all, but I have now re-ordered for this season and I am SO GLAD I tried your product! Thank you!

Suzan Pulsifer
Pueblo West, CO

After reading your testimonials, and numerous other product websites, I decided to give Rabbit and Groundhog repellent a try. We have a small suburb yard, and a small garden, but a lot of rabbits. (believe me, the rumor is true, they multiply like crazy) I got tired of planting pepper, lettuce, broccoli, and bean plants, only to have the leaves chewed off within days. Lots of work for little yield, chicken wire headaches, it was a mess. When Rabbit and Groundhog repellent arrived, 3 days after ordering it, I thought it smelled good enough to spray on my salad, but I sprayed it on my newly planted garden, and a week later, not a single leaf is out of place. The rabbits still sit in my yard at night, and my neighbors yard, I know because I have checked, but my garden is rabbit free. Looking forward to a bountiful crop this year. Thanks.

I am so glad to have discovered Rabbit & Groundhog Out. I have had very good results with it here in Boston, MA. It’s not noxious and we haven’t had any woodchuck damage to our perennial garden since we started using it. Thank you.

Eric Helmuth
Boston, MA

I purchased you Rabbit Out product a few months back. It worked great! Exactly as advertised. I had planted crimson clover in my vegetable garden over the winter to help boost the nitrogen and nutrients in the soil. The rabbits thought they had found an endless clover salad bar! They chewed the tender leaves off of almost all of the clover plants leaving only the stems. One application of Rabbit Out and they never touched the clover again. Thank you!

Roy Blakey
Dana Point, California

I want to put in a good word for the RABBIT AND GROUNDHOG OUT. My hostas are much happier now that they are not being chewed by Thumper and his friends.

Joan Plotnick

Deer Repellent – All natural LaTorre’s RABBIT & GROUNDHOG OUT animal repellent & deterrent will get rid of rabbits and groundhogs/woodchucks.

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