LaTorre’s Deer Out™ All Natural Deer Repellent Information

Keep deer away with LaTorre’s deer repellent products!

Q. What makes LaTorre’s Deer Out™ work?
A. Deer Out™ is a dual-deterrent repellent that works both by smell and taste. Deer find the strong peppermint scent of Deer Out™ too strong a sensation for their sensitive noses. A deer’s sense of smell is 1000 times greater than that of humans. Deer Out’s™ strong peppermint scent creates a cool menthol burning sensation that deer are repulsed by. (Deer Out™ has a fresh minty scent to us humans, sort of like a peppermint patty.) But even long after we can’t smell it anymore, Deer Out™ is still too strong for the deer’s nose. No need to worry though. Deer Out™ won’t harm the deer at all. But it will stop them from eating your plantings. Deer Out’s™ combination of ingredients creates a very strong flavor and smell that deer find unappetizing. Deer are wild animals; they may take a bite, but they’re not going to wipe out your flowerbeds anymore.

Q. How long is LaTorre’s Deer Out™ effective? 
A. Under normal weather conditions Deer Out™ can last up to 3 or 4 months or more. During your plants’ rapid growing stages, apply Deer Out™ to new growth.

Q. Will LaTorre’s Deer Out™ wash off in the rain? 
A. No. Here’s why. We added two all natural stickers to Deer Out™: Gum Arabic, which is found in many traditional chewing gums, and hydrogenated vegetable oil. Everyone knows that oil and water don’t mix. In combination, these two ingredients work exceptionally well to keep the rest of Deer Out’s™ingredients sticking to your plants without the addition of any harmful chemicals or commercial glues. Use common sense. During periods of abnormally heavy rain, touch up and reapply Deer Out™ to plants that need protection. Deer Out™ will not easily wash off in the rain and can continue to be effective. However, severe weather conditions can affect its potency.

Q. Will LaTorre’s Deer Out™ harm my plants? 
A. Deer Out™ will not burn, leave a film, stain or discolor.

Q. Where can I buy LaTorre’s Deer Out™? 
A. Click here for a list of nurseries, garden centers and hardware stores in your area that carry Deer Out™. And don’t forget that you can always place a secure online order on this website. Just click “Buy Now” on the menu in the column to the left.

Q. Is LaTorre’s Deer Out™ expensive like all the other deer repellents? 
A. No. Deer Out™ is very cost effective and less expensive than most other deer repellents. For example, our 40 oz. ready-to-use spray bottle sells for $15.99 and covers 1250 sq. ft. That’s 25% more than the 32 oz. size offered by other companies that typically sells for up to $24.99 and may cover only 500 sq. ft. And best of all, Deer Out™, a LaTorre family recipe, really works, unlike most other repellents that work only 50% of the time at best. When you purchase our larger sizes, the savings are even more tremendous. Take a look at our entire product line and compare our prices.

Q. Is there a guarantee with Deer Out™? 
A. Absolutely. We offer a 100% money back guarantee. (See individual bottles for details.)

Q. Is it too late to save my shrubs? 
A. Probably not, but it all depends on how far gone they are. So don’t wait any longer. Apply LaTorre’s Deer Out™ today! Summer, spring, winter and fall – it works great!

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