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LaTorre’s Critter Out All Natural Pest Repellent:
Rat Repellent
Mouse Repellent
Rodent Repellent

LaTorre’s Critter Out Pest Repellent and Deterrent gets rid of rats, mice, raccoons, opossums, squirrels, chipmunks and many other rodents and pests from your home, sheds, RVs, garages and garden areas. Critter Out will eliminate your pest problem.

Wow!! This product is the Best! Booyah!! Thanks, Critter Out!!

Alasha Williams
Nutley, NJ

We have been so happy with your Deerout product; we have been purchasing it for years. This year we tried Critter Out & wow!!!, it is fabulous, too. It is keeping the chipmunks away from the plants!

Deborah G. Glover

Rats were eating everything under hoods (two cars) and building nests in carport. No garbage around, carport spiffy clean! Solution?…De-Con?…Wrong, One-Bite… got a few!…Rat-Zapper…got a few but still had rats chewing One-Bite…Critter-Out?…sprayed under hood weekly, left One-Bite and Rat-Zapper under hood, Well, well, well, not a creature was stirring…because One-Bite was un-chewed and Rat-Zapper was empty. Smells good to me! Thank you Critter-Out for your rat repellent!

J. Elton
South Oregon Coast

As per your recommendation. Chipmunks ate the wires in my air conditioning and made 2 nests in my car…acorns and all!! Your Critter Out spray…kept them out. Love it!!! Thank you!!!

Maura Derey
Lapeer MI

Critter Out works wonderfully…

Ria Militana
New Milford CT

I just received your Critter Out and the stuff really makes the mice go elsewhere.

Kathy Fennone

We have used Critter Out at camp for several years. Works great.

Carole Keaten
Gorham ME

I used Critter Out last year, and it works really well, it ran the mice out in the middle of winter, and kept them out for 8 months.

David Jones Jr
Alexandria, AL

I purchased Critter Out from your web page. This is my second order. It works very good.

Nestor Uhalde
Cambria, CA

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been using your Critter Out in my camper for 2 winters now. It works great. Thank you.

Jeff Colussy

Your Critter Out product is awesome!!!

Tom Semeraro
Keeseville NY

Critter Out is a great product. Smell is very pleasing and seems to take care of the problem. Rodents gone! This spray will be a staple in my household products from now on. I have peace of mind and I thank you!

Debra in Alabama

Critter Out is really working well for me. The mice were all over my counters. They even got into my breadbox. I really had to be careful. NO MORE!! Critter Out has virtually solved my problem. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

Penny review

We are really glad we found this product, which we have used for a few years now. The smell is not unpleasant at all for humans, but it sure seems to be unpleasant for mice. And it seems to last for them (though not for us) because a couple of really thorough sprays in the fall and spring have reduced the mouse problem at our rustic cabin and more solid cottage in the woods dramatically.

Judith Carpenter

Seems to work pretty effectively on a vehicle I parked. I want to keep any animals out of the engine bay and from chewing the wiring up. Has a very clovey scent to it. So far there haven’t been problems with any squirrels or other rats or rodents getting in there. I used to have a problem with the squirrels getting into the vehicles engine bay and the wheel wells but this works well and is easy to apply.

Andrew Hitchman
Los Angeles, CA

I Looked up squirrel control on the internet and used your Critter Out product last year. It worked very well to keep squirrels from eating the insulation and wires under the hood of my car.

Barbara W. Shaffer
Kennett Square PA

This is my 2nd purchase. Your product CRITTER OUT works great for mice.

Charles E. Sadler
South Hempstead NY

I have been battling rats entering into our outdoor living space for the last 27 years. We live in the tropics and I can testify that your  product CRITTER OUT is the best and only and answer.  The rats would chew large holes thru our screen onto our Lanai area. I tried several pest control companies thru out the years with no success! Your rat repellent product is awesome, totally natural and it works.  Thank You.

Sherrie Morkunas
Princess Properties
Naples FL

My vehicle had to be taken to the dealership twice within a two week period because of rodents chewing through the wires. Since I have been using this products, I have not had any issues. I sprayed the product under the hood, the wheel wells, and the ground where I park.

Lanaia G. order

I bought Critter Out for the mice I could hear scratching and chewing under the floor. I sprayed it thru each outside vent to the crawlspace under the house and they were GONE! About 3 weeks later I heard some beneath the kitchen so I sprayed from the outside into the crawlspace and haven’t heard them since! I will definitely buy more as needed. Thanks for a great product!

Marylouise Phillpis
Facebook post

We moved into our home last March and didn’t seem to have any trouble with mice although we back up to the woods and a lake. After months of construction on the basement and the dust finally settling, we found that we did have mice. I promptly put down de-con and started checking to see where they were coming in. I found a few places and quickly sealed them up. Thinking I had gotten their entrances sealed, I was disappointed to see that we still had mice. I bought a bottle of Critter Out figuring it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. I sprayed it around the foundation of our house and went 5 weeks without any sign of a mouse. I then noticed more evidence so I grabbed the bottle and sprayed around the house again. I haven’t seen another mouse or their droppings since. I will spray once a month year round. I also spray the garage so they stay out of there too. Thanks for a great product!

Jeanette C. Akright customer

Rats had eaten wiring in my truck. After spraying with “Critter OUT”, I had no further problems. If you live in the country (as opposed to living in a city) “Critter OUT” can save you a lot of money.

Puddlejumper customer

My disabled daughter had mice in her house for a year or so. I had a bottle shipped to her. It was sprayed around inside and outside of house. No mice. Thanks!

George Babcock customer

This is the second year using this product with good results. At this time of the year I spray Critter Out maybe once a week around the edges inside the shed, some directly on the deck of the lawn mower, next month I will spray only once a month until Spring, oh and also the second truck is only tarp covered but I spray around the truck frame and overhang of the tarp edges, some of the cab through the floor opening.

Found no nests under the bonnet/air duck in the mower or usually in the cab of the truck or bed. This product mixture does not seem to corrode metal, smells like mint and lemon.

After several years of trying several ways to prevent mostly field mice, I found this the least trouble to prevent these critters.

Richard W. Sarver customer

I tried Dcon, mouse traps, brooms, and anything else to control being overrun with mice. I then ran across Critter Out online and decided to give it a try.  Wow!!! It took two whole house applications (we HAD a big mouse issue) but no more mice after a year. This stuff is phenomenal. I highly recommend this product to anyone who has rodent problems. I will be a repeat customer…..very satisfied.

Mike Strout
Brooklin, Me

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