Deer Out™, All Natural Deer Repellent
Reviews & Testimonials

Keep deer away with the La Torre family formula – our 100% all natural deer repellent!

For such a great product, you make it difficult to testify to the greatness of Deer Out.  I was determined to let you know how pleased we are so I am sending the email to you.

Back in July 2013, we planted 95 plants on our property – 50 roses.  We were relatively new to the area, and some neighbors laughed as we were planting.  Some stopped by and told us that we were making the deer very happy.  We had already planted daylillies and purple hearts, and they were eaten to the ground. The night after planting the roses, ALL of the blooms were eaten and they looked like switches. My husband used black and red pepper and we thought a house guest had allergies – only to find that the sneezing was coming from outside with 4 deer chewing and sneezing.  So, forget the pepper folks.

I called the local landscaping companies and no one guaranteed their product.  I then conducted a computer search and found several brands.  I ordered DEER OUT!  We don’t care what anyone says – IT WORKS!  We are not being paid to testify, we are doing it because if you have tried everything else, now is the time to try DEER OUT.  We don’t want to take any chances, so we use ours a little more regularly than the directions and like doing it.  Enjoy your investment and keep the deer out with DEER OUT.

The Marks Family

Thank you so very much for your product. My kids love the fact that it smells like “minty gum” – but I am in love with it because – since applying it – I have not had a single loss of flower or foliage. Never in my mind did I think it would 100% work (even though you said so) but lord does it. My Hosta’s are bigger then ever before and so full of foliage. I can’t wait to see the Daylilies bloom this year. After the success on the Hosta’s I truly believe they will bloom in full beauty – without a fence – just a spray on the buds as they appear. In all honesty, since my first use of your product this year, the deer have walked right past our gardens. Gas is overpriced right now. Your product is worth every single penny spent on it. Thanks for a great product.

Jeff Venturella
Woodland Park, NJ

We’ve got lots of deer. I tried everything – soap, human hair, predator urine (how do they collect that stuff?). 6 to 8 other repellents did little to nothing. Some that worked reasonably well had application problems, primarily sprayer clogging with egg solids. Deer Out™ applies very easily and actually smells pretty good. Deer Out™ (don’t confuse with Deer Off) is the only thing that works.

Allison Reams
Suburban Fairfield County, CT

I think I’ve tried every product available to get rid of the deer in my yard. The little **** will walk around and eat the newest buds of all my favorite plants. Usually it’s just my roses, but this year they’ve even ventured near my tomatoes. There are list and lists of products to test and ideas to try on the web, but nothing ever worked until this stuff.

Deer Out™ is fantastic. It actually keeps the Deer Out™ of my garden and smells like peppermint so that it doesn’t work as People Out as well.

I can’t recommend it enough. There aren’t any reviews here, which is a shame, but if you go to their website there is a list of testimonials about the product and every one of them is true. I will never use anything else again. Easily the best!


I have used so many other so called “deer repellents” with only temporary good results. The worse one being made with pig’s blood:( It came in a spray bottle that would never spray because of it’s constant clogging. By the time I finally finished spraying I looked like I had slaughtered the pig myself. The white picket fence was splattered with the blood as were the plants and the SMELL was awful. That was the absolute worse one! Deer Out™, on the other hand, is just terrific. The deer walk right past the plants I’ve sprayed, even two months after spraying, and I often get the plants wet when watering. After letting the sprayed areas dry for twenty four hours as the instructions tell you to do and keep spray any new growth ( I don’t always do this–still works) it does the job and keeps on working. By the way, it does smell like peppermint. THANK YOU:) !!

Gail Penning
Live near Yosemite Nat’l. Park– lots of deer here.

This is hands down the best product to repel deer. It’s all natural, not harmful to the deer or humans. It works by being absorbed into the foliage, making it taste bad to animals. Buy the concentrate–saves a lot of money and easy to use. Great product! The Best!

J. Marren
Glen Ridge, NJ

This is a really great product that really does work. I have a lot of deer and a lot of plants and flowers that they love to eat. I use this product and they leave them alone. I use the concentrate and mix it myself. It’s easy to do and saves money. Most deer repellents need to be applied often, like every 30 days. This product only has to be applied about every 3 months. You need to apply more often when you have a period of heavy rain or when your plants are getting new growths. This product does not smell bad, it has a minty smell. I highly recommend this great product.

Tammy Dotson
Kentucky, USA

All winter long the deer ate our azaleas, camellias and even things they weren’t supposed to. They chewed up our daylilies as they emerged. I have sprayed everything with Deer Out™ and they have not eaten a thing. This stuff works GREAT!!!

Chris Holly
Springs, NC

I started using your product last year after talking to a friend that uses your product and I’m 100% sold – I watch the deer walk up to our Hosta’s smell them and walk away!!!  Last year was the first year we could actually enjoy our flower and plants – THANKS!!!!

Allen Hueber
Jackson, MI

I have purchased a lot of your concentrate ( I have the 1 gallon concentrate) and simply use the 40 oz bottle to mix up patches as I need. I just love your product.  I am about the only person on my street that is keeping the Deer Out™ of their beds.  I actually have annuals which is almost unheard of in our neighborhood.
I would love it if my nursery would carry your product.

Jan Hogan
Mount Pleasant, SC

I’ve used Deer Out™ for a few years now and nothing keeps the deer away from trees better than this–thanks!

Amy Pendleton
Midway, UT

I used your product last season on the advice of a local feed merchant.  I’m sold.  I can’t say enough about it and the job it did protecting my garden(1/2 acre of reclaimed forest with an established deer path right down its middle!) No munching at my garden!

April Shannon
Phillipsburg, NJ

Hi, I have purchased Deer Out™ in the past and it absolutely works. Thanks to Deer Out™ we have not had the problem with our plants vanishing. We have friends who live in Hawaii and had problems with deer. I told them about Deer Out™ and they are now happy and can enjoy the tropical colors. Anyone I hear having problems with deer I mention Deer Out™ whether it’s at a store or a gathering or even at a wake that we recently went to. Thank You, Your loyal customer.

Mary Marchese

I just wanted to say that your product is absolutely FANTASTIC!! We live in Northern NJ and the deer are extremely plentiful and bold. This spray worked like magic and it is extremely easy to use!

Thank You!

Sue Meyers
Towaco, NJ

I’ve never written to a company regarding their product before but I am so thrilled with the results of Deer Out™ that I am taking the time today to let others know. I read the testimonials before buying the product and honestly had my doubts that any product could work that well. We’ve tried lots of other sprays, plant spikes, soap on a stick, human hair, etc. for years.

Invisible Fence (the really stinky stuff) has worked better than the others but I have a real problem with the smell (and I’m sure our neighbors do too!). Then I found Deer Out™ … all I can say is THIS PRODUCT WORKS! I would completely recommend this to anyone who has tried other things, it’s worth every penny. We didn’t’t spray a few plants in the yard because the deer typically didn’t’t go after them, but they were totally eaten, probably because they were so hungry because they couldn’t’t eat the other plants. All I can say is I am now a customer for life! Thank you!!

Jackie Engmark
Chanhassen, MN

I Love your product Deer Out™…I have now used it for over two years and am finally able to keep roses, flowers, and a vegetable garden. We have so many deer, but your product absolutely works. Thank you.

Bonnie Runyan
Alum Creek, WV

The deer were eating our roses to the nubs. Just as the buds were ready to bloom, they’d disappear overnight. We tried Deer Out™ and it worked fabulously! We spray every 4-6 weeks depending on how much new growth we get and how much it rains. The roses have looked great for two seasons now. We just ordered a gallon of concentrate and we’re going to try the Rabbit-GroundHog Out too. Great product!

P Souza
Stafford, VA

I overheard two gardening folks talking about your product to handle deer invasion problems, got online, found it, ordered it, use it, and now I’m convinced that it works!! THANK YOU!!

We live in the Santa Cruz, CA, mountains with about 22 deer, regular visitors to our garden. Of course they were here first, but, well, we are here now and we enjoy gardening. For 30 years they’ve eaten our “garden salad,” but now, voila! they don’t like the peppermint-scented Deer Out™ spray! Hooray! Gradually we’ve been trying out the flowering plants that we’ve wanted for so long, with great hopes that if we continue to spray regularly, the deer will get the hint! We have used other products in the past, but they wash off quickly and smell…utterly horrid!!

An avid–obviously–Deer Out™ Fan!

Sue Krevitt
Scotts Valley, CA

Hi, Just want to tell you your product is AWESOME!!!! We just had 12 deer in our yard and they didn’t touch a thing!!! Now we can enjoy the deer and enjoy our flowers and garden without them eating it. I have told about 12 people about your product.

Teresa Anderson
Bend, OR

I just had to let you know how thankful I am that I found Deer Out™!! I live in an area inundated with deer. It would not be unusual see six to ten deer in my yard in the summer time and triple that amount in the wintertime. I love to garden with annuals in the summertime and pride myself on my beautiful containers. Every year I battle with the deer to keep them from destroying my flowers and shrubs and even trees. This year, after an overnight decimation of newly planted flowers, I decided that war must be declared. I have tried Liquid Fence (phew!), Deer Stopper, mint oil, cayenne pepper and others to no avail. Mesh is out of the question, ?cause how ugly is that? I was actually looking on the internet for a water ?scarecrow? when I happened upon Deer Out™. I read the testimonials and decided to give it a try, why not? I placed my order on line, very easy, I might add, and received my gallon with sprayer within a couple of days. To my delight, this product worked immediately!! Never before have I had a product work so well. The deer have not even come close to my patio containers, my shrubs or trees. They still hang out in the yard, but stay away from my flowers!! This is the first year that my virburnum actually have leaves and blooms!! I have just ordered for the third time this year, not because it was necessary to use it all, but I have been sharing with friends, neighbors and family. I have become a walking advertisement for Deer Out™!! I have clued in my co-workers, friends and family who live away, and every one of the greenhouses and nurseries that I frequent every season!! They all carry the standards, but I tell them they MUST try Deer Out™!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and my most favorite flower container for creating a product that is not malodorous, easy to use, cost effective and WORKS!!

Sara Ahrens

I can’t believe it. After seven years we are going through a spring with virtually every plant intact. Over these seven years in the woods of Arkansas, we have lost so many plants and trees that we were ready to give up but from the first spraying of Deer Out™, the deer have virtually left our yard. Thank you for a wonderful product that lives up to its claims.

Jim Campbell
Mountain Home, AR

Dear Sir, I am taking the time to write you, just to say “thank you for such a terrific product”, I couldn’t have any roses or plants due to many deer, rabbits and squirrels. Now I have beautiful flowers. The deer don’t come near my plants. They only look at them! I am so happy. I am recommending this product to every one. It is the best on the Market and I have only sprayed it once.

P.S. Everything is so healthy and green, what a miracle Thank you so much

Mrs. Rebel
Dunnellon, FL

I have used your product for several years. Deer Out™ is the Best deer repellent product I have ever used.

Charles Tucker
Iowa City, IA

I love your product. Deer track through my yard at least every other day and I have tried almost everything to keep the deer from eating my plants. This is the only product that worked!

Thank you!
Lisa Kipperman

Hi, I just wanted to let you know this product has worked very well for me. It kept the Deer Out™ of my shrubs all winter. thanks!

Douglas Roy
Berlin, NH

Used Deer Out™ last year. Works like magic…

Sandra Acklin
Medina, OH

Purchased Deer Out™ last year with some friends, we are amazed at how well your product works.

Jeanne Crandall
Lewisburg, WV

I have used your product with success, and its easy to tell which azalea I forgot to spray- its been chewed to a stub.Your product also meets my 5 criteria for a deer repellent. I have either tried or done research on several other products and none of the others satisfies all criteria.
The product:
1  Has to be effective. Why use it if it doesn’t always work?
2  Has to be long lasting. Some products suggest re-applying after rain.
Who wants to do that?
3  Should not be offensive in odor. A competitor’s product I tried was
effective with deer control, but  nauseating. The smell was noticeable
to anyone who wandered close to the plants.
4  Should be cost effective.
5  Should not leave a nasty residue on the plant. A beautiful Sum and Substance hosta looks unsightly  with an orange film on the leaves, something a competitor’s product provides.

I will continue to use your product with confidence. Thanks for providing a terrific product.

Dave Steele
Hopkinton, MA

I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know that your “Deer Out™” product is SPECTACULAR!!!  I have used other products, but the smell was enough to keep me out of my own garden, let alone the deer. Seemed to attract flies also. Thanks for making such an effective product. Deer Out™ does the job FOR SURE.

Steven Davis
Philadelphia, PA

I live on Nantucket and deer have always been a problem for my flower beds. Since I’ve been using Deer Out™, the problem no longer exists. I’ve tried them all from Liquid Fence to whatever and now I’ll never use anything else but Deer Out™.

Thanks for a great product that really works and you can be sure that all my friends will hear about Deer Out™.

Thanks Again,
Jack Gallagher

After trying several unsuccessful products Hinder, Home made remedies, etc. this is my First year I have seen hostice and tiger lilies on our property. We live in deer country New Jersey. “Blairstown” I started using this product in April and I still have Hostice  and Tiger Lillies. This product is GREAT. I have recommended it to all my neighbors. Thanks for a wonderful invention.

Jim Klapmuts
Columbia, NJ

Deer Out™ is INCREDIBLE! It works so well and does have a pleasant smell! All of my plants are thriving and getting ready to bloom! I am so happy with your product that I just had to write and let you know that I have recommended you to everyone I know who has deer issues and will keep a supply of Deer Out™ on hand for myself!

Thanks and keep up the great work.

Kathy Decker
Lake Anna, VA

Hello, I simply must tell you that Deer Out™ really works! I have tried other products, both commercial and homemade, and the fact is, nothing works like Deer Out™. We live in Avian Forest in Bellevue Nebraska, and the deer are as thick as fleas!. They don’t bother to come through our yard anymore since we started using Deer Out™. I am going to spread the good news with all my neighbors about Deer Out™! I am not sharing though-they have to get their own!!

Rufus Perry
Bellevue, NE

I just want to let you know – this is the greatest stuff! I have used another repellent the last few years – but the stuff stinks! – and the deer even ate my plants with the stuff on it! But not Deer Out™ – I’m sold – it is the greatest…

Judy Fill

We live North of the Twin Cities in Minnesota and border two LARGE wildlife management areas on both sides of us (Carlos Avery WMA and Boot Lake Scientific and Natural Area) Bottom line, there are LOTS of Deer, Woodchucks and other hungry animals. Deer Out™ is the ONLY product that has stopped the devistation in our gardens. We just ordered more of the concentrate tonight. Thanks for making something that actually does what its supposed to!

Dave and Jen Glassman
Linwood, MN

I have tried everything to keep the Deer Out™ of my gardens, and until Deer Out™, every attempt was fruitless. I bought Deer Out™ from you a few months ago after I began to plant a garden in my new home and the deer destroyed it overnight. Every time I planted something and tried other products, either I couldn’t stand the smell of them, or they didn’t deter the deer. I felt as though every plant looked like a new item at a salad bar for them. This was NOT the case with Deer Out™. I have been using it faithfully on every new plant I add to my garden and also on the new growth of the “older” plants and they haven’t touched a thing since the first day I started using it, and yes, I mean even after a rainfall. (I do reapply it after a severe rain though.) I live in the Pocono Mountains, where the deer are abundant. I am the ONLY person in my community that I know of, with a garden that isn’t fenced in and ravaged by the deer. They rarely even walk through my yard now, knowing there is nothing to eat. I started a garden club here and intend to spread the word about your wonderful product. THANK YOU!!!


I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with your product. I admit I was skeptical at first but Deer Out™ really works! Every time my roses were getting ready to bloom I’d wake up the next morning to find them nipped off right below the bud. I put a lot of hard work into caring for them and then not being able to see the final reward made me so mad I was tempted to have venison for dinner. After using your product I have beautiful roses blooming everywhere and not one has been nipped off for a midnight snack. It’s nice to receive compliments from the neighbors again. THANKS Deer Out™!

L. Weirup
Blue Ridge, VA

Hello. I live in Medford, NJ, along with my husband and an oversize herd of deer. We both love to garden, but had almost given up in despair. Two years ago, I went so far as to plant our gardens with real and silk plants. I reasoned that at least some of the “flowers” would remain. The deer pulled up the silk plants, chewed them, then spit them out.

Then we found DeerOut. I’d done an online search, read your home page and sent for your fantastic product. Hurrah! I have gardens again. Plants I’d thought were long gone (perennials) are coming back after as many as fifteen years of absense. We suppose that the deer must have been eating them as they emerged every spring.

The neighbors are begging to know our secret, and we’ve sent them your website. We’ve even offered to spray a test plant for them, so they can see for themselves that your product works. Thanks for creating DeerOut. Our gardens give us and others great pleasure, and we’re happy to be back in the game.

Maureen Christopher

I live in an area where deer are a huge problem. Deer Out™ has solved it for me!

Herbert Taylor
Freeport, ME

I’ve used other products before DeerOut. Some worked, some didn’t. They all had their drawbacks, however….smelled awful, didn’t last very long, marginal success. I used your’s last year….worked like a charm, as advertised….and I loved the smell. Thanks. I tell everyone about it. I’ll bet that you’ve been getting some orders from my area.

Thanks so much,
John Trainor
Mendon, MA

We live in the middle of a winter deer yard. We live in peace all winter, but when Spring comes, they of course head for the tips of the bulbs which are just appearing. I’ve tried various treatments, not all bad, but not great either. But last week I sprayed some Deer Out™ on the daffodils. A few days later a doe and her fawn ambled up the lawn, heading straight for the daffodils to have a treat. The doe got to within a few feet, stopped dead in her tracks, lifted her head, sniffed and did a complete about-turn! With that kind of result one would think that the product would smell so terrible that people wouldn’t even go near the garden. But any smell is pleasant.

So, I ordered the 2 1/2 gal refill. Two days later my husband said that a box had arrived with the Deer Out™. I said that that couldn’t be possible. We live in the “middle of nowhere”. Nothing gets here in two days. But it did.

I’m spreading the word. Great product. Great service. Get ready to be sending more to Long Lake!

Thank you so much,
Susan King
Long Lake

This is Bill Carver in Tigard, Oregon. My wife and I own a home in Depoe Bay on the Central Oregon Coast. We’re right up against a forested area and for the first time in many years the deer decided to browse on our plants. Out elderly neighbor who just had new landscaping put in, had her plants cropped down to about 6 inches. We found your product on the internet, ordered the 32oz. concentrate and applied it to our’s and the neighbors shrubs and plants. The deer did not come back or if they did, just sniffed and moved on. I mentioned the deer problem to a coastal landscaper who had indicated he had been getting calls from clients who were having deer problems this year. I also told him about your product and web site. Don’t know why the deer are doing this, the winter was mild and lots of greens to eat. Guess they needed a little snack. I know the “deer resistant” plants were not resistant, but just last to be eaten. Not anymore with your product applied. I reapply about once a month with the heavy rains we get at the coast and will keep up the program. I just reordered the one gallon concentrate as our 50 hills of dahlias are starting to push up and it’s too tempting for the deer. We love the animals, just want them to move on to someone else’s garden. Thanks again for the great product. It smells like York Peppermint patties when I apply it. That smell wears off quickly, but obviously the oils remain on the plants.

A convinced customer
Bill and Sue Carver
Tigard, OR

We are very happy with Deer Out™. The deer that roam our neighborhood routinely eat everything we plant including hollies!! Not anymore! The hollies, the hosta plants, camellias, day lilies, and roses all have new life!! Thanks. Keep up the good work.

Carolyn and Bill Bardill
Chapel Hill, NC

I have been so pleased with the results having used Deer Out™ this season. It has steered the Deer Out™ of my garden beds & shrubs. I have seen ALL my Daylilies bloom profusely for the first time in years. Some I had NEVER seen – and all my Hostas are intact! It seems to do exactly what you claim. Thank You.

Jan Hine

I ordered a gallon of Deer Out™ a couple of months ago. I used it because there are deer all over the place and I have extensive gardens. It is clear that this product works extremely well. I have not had a single deer in my yard until yesterday. This stuff is really unbelievable until someone uses it or sees it in use. I literally have every kind of plant possible, yet no deer until yesterday. Thanks.

John McClain
Tilted Acres

I have been using Deer Out™ this Spring after three years of losing the leaves on my newly planted trees. Because of the deer-damage, the trees have never really grown until this year. Now, the trees are able to retain their new growth. Recently I watched a deer come thru my yard, looking for a snack. It walked up to several of my little fruit trees, sniffed the leaves and moved on. Was that great to see? You bet it was! Thanks again.

Ken Wells
Happy Valley, OR

I’m no longer running out the back door chasing Deer Out™ of my yard, trying to keep them out of my shrubs. It was really getting ridiculous. Thank you Deer Out™.

R. Talarico
Washington Township, NJ

My local Garden center was right, Deer out really does work great. You saved me a bunch of money. We were about to give in and put up a deer fence, but the kids enjoy seeing the deer on our property. The deer still pass through the back of our property, but they havent touched my shrubs in almost two months. Good Stuff, thanks again.

K Ferrier
Clinton, NJ

We tried all the other products, and some of them worked some of the time, but I had to constantly re- apply them every week or two. And they smelled horrible. Your Deer Out™ smells great, and I only have to re-apply every couple months. Thanks for a great product.

M & T Moore
Mechanicsburg, PA

I would highly recomend this product to others…It worked great and kept the deer from  eating our cedar trees, like they have for the past two years…Excellent

Georgia Schubert
Medford, WI

Deer Out™ worked great around my vegetable garden, it kept the Deer Out™ of the garden, were in previous years the deer would eat the lettuce, carrots & cucumbers…But not this year.

Joe Evans
Hollywood, SC

I would recomend this product for it’s effectivness…Excellent product compared to others I have used.

L. Dasilva
Cleveland, OH

My willow trees were being destroyed by deer…After applying Deer Out™ they avoided it like the plague…Even keeps working after several rainy periods.

Patricia Neuspickel
Covington, KY

Deer ravaged my young dogwood trees and other plantings.I applied Deer Out™ and have  had no new damage.Thank you so much for the opportunity to test this product. Performance: Excellent

Bonnie Hoffmeister
Genoa, NE

We have a lot of deer. Deer Out™ has given my garden a chance to grow..We took our fence down to do some dozer work leaving my vegetables open. After spraying Deer Out™ no deer entered my garden.THANK YOU Deer Out™

Marqueita Coon
Paden, OK

We live among the deer. It isnt uncommon to see 8 or 10 go through the yard in the morning.I used Deer Out™ on our young fruit trees and maples. The results so far are excellent. It has kept them from clipping the ends. I dont know if I would have paid $15.99 having never used it, But I would now.

Jim Beranek
Kalispell, MT

Oh, It’s very, very easy to use, and it kept the deer away from my shrubs & plants better than any other product I’ve tried!

Kimberly Gore
Portland, OR

This is the first year that all of my tulips are blooming. Im encouraged to plant more bulbs in the fall.

Caryl Brown
Spotsylvania, VA

I have not had any deer eat my new plant growth since I applied Deer Out™.

Kreg Adams
Fort Collins, CO

I highly recommend Deer Out™. It was very easy to use,and worked extremely well. Deer Out™ saved all of my  fruit shrubs and flowers from the deer. I plan on using a lot more in the future.

Nancy Gross
Cincinnatus, NY

This is the 2nd season I’ve applied Deer Out™ to selected shrubs/flowers and it is wonderful. Your product keeps the deer at bay, and the neighbors love the minty fresh smell. Once again, thanks for making such an effective, and pleasant fresh smelling product.

Marianne Pearson
Bend, OR

In the Pacific Northwest we have a deer problem of significant proportions. They roam all over the city and of course are considered by many to be “cute”. Every serious gardener here knows to plant as many “deer resistant” plants as possible but those plants to the deer just might be “suggestions”. For gardeners who enjoy the horticultural arts, deer are far from cute!! Now, having an effective deterrent in Deer Out™ makes gardening a pleasure once again.

I spray all plants every month just to be on the safe side. I’ve been spraying all of my plants over the intervening 4 months and have not seen any signs that deer are nibbling. The real acid test has been the fact that deer have a preferred track right between our house and the next door neighbor so they have plenty of exposure to our plants.

Fortunately, they have come to realize that this “salad bar” is closed!!!!!

Thanks for a great product!!! I have mentioned it to many friends and for one special friend who was being punished by deer I gave him enough Deer Out™ to get a couple of good sprayings on his plants.  He is amazed at the results!

So, keep on making a superb, effective, and reliable product.

Don Intihar
Bellingham, WA

I have been using Deer Out™ repellant since August of 2009. I live in an area with so many deer that my garden was destroyed, but Deer Out™ saved it. I spread the word on your product and others have started to use it with good results.

Thank you,
Susan Erlandson
Greensboro, GA

A neighbor of ours bought your product last year, and for first the time my EUONYMUS made it thru the winter and is GREEN. THIS STUFF WORKS. THANKS!

Ivan Lewis
Oakton, VA

I have been using Deer Out™ for 3 years now and I am the only one in my neighborhood to have tulips and hostas bloom. We live in a suburb of Cincinnati and see 3 or 4 walk thru our neighborhood every morning and evening. They stop to eat the acorns in the winter but pass by our blooming plants in the spring and summer. Deer Out™ is the only thing that works to keep the Deer Out™ of my flower beds.

Ft. Mitchell, KY

Used Deer Out™ for the first time and didn’t even have a single deer track anywhere near our hemlocks. Last year using my own concoction of blood meal, didn’t deter them one bit. (Pun intended). Thanks for developing such great product; Deer Out™ is wonderful stuff. I’m going to promote it at our upcoming association meeting.

Bob Weakley
Belmont, MI

THANK YOU for this product. We have tried many, many items NOTHING WORKS LIKE Deer Out™!!! Absolutely nothing. We are so pleased and happy with this product.

George and Cyndi Snokhous
Deep in the Heart of Texas
China Spring

I love your product!! Found you through a friend that couldn’t grow Hosta’s with all the deer until they found your product!! Thanks Deer Out™!!

Allen Hueber
Jackson MI 49201

Just sent another order – your stuff works great!!

John F. Skivington
Scottsville, NY

I have ordered from you before and believe you have the most superior deer repellent I have ever used and until I found you, there were many. Thank you Deer Out™.

Judith A Davis
Fort Wayne IN

I have been using your product for a few years now. Out of all the things I have tried over the years Deer Out™ works the best.

Shelley Frei
Moscow ID

Deer Out™ is an excellent product that really works. It lasts longer too than other products out there like Hinder. Thank you.

Ronald J Avenia
Bloomsburg PA

I never thought I would find anything to stop the deer from decimating my fruit trees and raspberry patch! Deer-Out does it! I just ordered another batch. And I’ve been telling all my gardening friends and neighbors about it. THANK YOU!

Barb Libby
from rural Maine

I am re-ordering your Deer Out™ it really works great…My shrubs are growing now instead of being eaten…Thank you Deer Out™…I am a customer for life!

Bernard Carrozza
West Chester PA

This is the first year in many that I’ve had a tulip garden. By spraying the tulips with Deer Out™ as they came up, and again as they flowered, the deer stayed away. A couple of years ago, we almost dug our Hosta’s all up because as soon as they came up the deer ate them to the ground like they were their favorite salad. Now they grow lush and beautiful all season. Thank you Deer Out™!

Wendy Grady

I’ve been using Deer Out™ for about three years now. It’s the only thing that keeps those sweet, but dim, grazers off of my Hydrangea and Hostas! Thank you.

Laura Morey
Cincinnati OH

I have used Deer Out™ for several years and I am completely satisfied, in fact, several neighbors have bought your product and find the same results. The deer stay away!!

Bill Lendh

I’ve told all my friends about this product, being that it’s the only thing that keeps the deer and rabbits and other critters away from my flowers all summer. I used to lose my flowers early in the Spring because they ate all the buds as they came onto the plants. Now I have beautiful gardens thanks to your Deer Out™ and can’t thank you enough. Every couple of months my husband goes around and sprays for maintenance purposes and it takes very little to work. Even with heavy rains, which we’ve had lots of this year, it stays on the plants.

Thank you,
Sally Backus

We’ve been using Deer Out™ on our vegetable garden for years, and it is awesome!

Susan Dube
Tallahassee FL

Your product is awesome and has worked very well for me over the last 3 years. We live deep in the woods with lots of deer and we have 35 or more hosta’s and they go untouched every year now – thanks!!!!!!!!

Allen Hueber
Jackson MI


Howard Gribble
Dickson, TN

I need more product! Deer Out™ is truly wonderful…saved all my lilies of the valley from the deer!

Anne Doyle
Easley SC

I have been using your Deer Out™ product for a very long time with excellent results. As a matter of fact flowers that we thought were gone have now returned.

Bernie Christopher

WOW!!! I can’t believe the difference that Deer Out™ makes!  For the first time ever, our azaleas were in full bloom this year.  In previous years, the deer ate them down to bare stems.  Last summer, I applied Deer Out™ several times (more as new growth emerged), and they were able to leaf out like never before.  This past spring, we had the most beautiful azaleas we have ever had.

In addition, our day lilies have bloomed for the first time ever.  Usually, the deer eat them as soon as they come up, but not any more!  I am looking forward to planting more lilies now that the deer are under control.  Thank you for a wonderful product that not only works, but also smells great while it works!

Janice Thompson

I have been using your deer repellent for close to 10 years, and it’s the ONLY product that keeps the deer off my day-lilies, tulips, and evergreens. I’ve come up against a dilemma. I’ve used the last of my supply today, and I can’t find a store (checked within 5 miles or so) that has your product. Everybody has ‘something just as good’ but it turns out to be that rotten-egg garbage that other companies try to pass off as “deer repellent”. Tried it, and never had luck with it. The deer acted like there was nothing on the plants. Thanks for your help!

Dan Arnold

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Deer Out!  It has saved my azaleas and daylilies which are producing gorgeous showy blooms after years of being nibbled practically to the ground.

Janice Thompson
Ebony, VA

I’ve had great success with Deer Out on my hostas for the past 7 years.  We live in a heavily wooded area and have a herd of 15-20 deer that also call it home.  I use it regularly and haven’t lost any plants over the years.

Don Harer

I have been using DeerOut for the last few weeks and it is amazing.  It smells great and really keeps out the deer.  I am finally enjoying my daylilies this year. Thank you for a great product.

Caydee Savinelli
Oak Ridge, NC

I wanted to tell you that your product worked well for us in Portland, OR.  We moved into this house 4 years ago and I’ve never seen the roses here since the deer would eat all the buds. I bought some Deer Out for my wife (who was skeptical) and we now have some of the prettiest roses I’ve seen.  We’ve even seen deer in our yard since using the product–but they didn’t eat the flowers.  I would recommend Deer Out to anyone who asks.

Thanks again,
Paul Jackson
Portland, OR

I AM truly grateful. Not only did your product keep the deer from further devouring my plants but, just as you said, it resurrected those already damaged. The hostas, hydrangeas, phlox etc. are all alive and well and blooming. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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