Here’s how to get rid of rabbits in your vegetable garden & groundhogs (woodchucks): Use LaTorre’s RABBIT & GROUNDHOG OUT all natural animal repellent and deterrent.

Rabbit repellent
Groundhog repellent
Won’t harm the animals
100% money back guarantee

Answers to your frequently asked questions:

Q. What makes this product work? 
A. LaTorre’s Rabbit & Groundhog Out is a dual deterrent repellent working both by smell and taste. There are 5 different essential oils and various other ingredients that combined create a very strong citrus and spice menthol burning sensation that these animals are completely repulsed by. There sense of smell is 1000 times greater than humans. But even long after we humans can’t smell it anymore, it’s still too strong for them. No need to worry though, it wont harm them at all, but it will stop them from eating your plantings. These are wild animals, they may take a bite, but there not going to wipe out your flowerbeds anymore.

Q. How long does it remain effective? 
A. LaTorre’s Rabbit & Groundhog Out can last up to 3 or 4 months or longer and works all year long.

Q. Will LaTorre’s Rabbit & Groundhog Out wash off in the rain? 
A. No, here’s why. We added two all Natural stickers. Gum Arabic, which is found in many commercial chewing gums, and hydrogenated vegetable oil, which everyone knows that oil & water doesn’t mix. The combination of the two work exceptionally well together at keeping the rest of the ingredients sticking to your plants without the addition of any harmful chemicals or commercial glues. Use common sense, during periods of abnormally heavy rain, or during the rapid growing stages of your plantings, touch-up & reapply. Rabbit & Groundhog Out will not easily wash off in the rain and can continue to be effective, but the potency can be affected by severe conditions.

Q. Can I spray LaTorre’s Rabbit & Groundhog Out around a groundhog or woodchuck hole? 
A. A technique that can be effective is to pour approximately ½ gallon of the liquid repellent down into the hole and place a rag soaked with the liquid repellent as far down into the burrow as possible. If in a day or so the rag is found outside the hole, reapply the repellent to the rag and place back into the hole. By being diligent with this technique, the groundhog may re-locate and abandon the original burrow…However, a new hole can appear in another part of your yard. Spraying your plants is your absolute best defense to help prevent them from being eaten or gnawed upon.

Q. Squirrels are digging in my mulch, will this product help? 
A. Many of our trusted customers have had positive results in deterring squirrels from digging in there mulch…The squirrels are either depositing or withdrawing acorns in the mulch or eating your bulbs… Squirrels are pesky critters that are difficult to repel. We suggest weekly sprayings for squirrels in mulch.

Q. Will LaTorre’s Rabbit & Groundhog Out harm my plants?
A. No, it will not burn, leave a film, stain, discolor or otherwise adversely effect your plants.

Q. Can I spray my grass to keep rabbits from sitting on my lawn? 
A. LaTorre’s Rabbit Out is formulated to prevent rabbits from gnawing and eating your shrubs, Flowers, forest & fruit trees and fruits and vegetables… Spraying your lawn will help train the rabbits to stay away, but you will need to reapply after you cut your lawn…Be sure to spray late in the afternoon to prevent scorching from the sun…

All natural LaTorre’s Rabbit & Groundhog Out animal repellent & deterrent will get rid of rabbits and groundhogs (woodchucks).

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