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LaTorre's Critter Out All Natural Pest Repellent:
Rat Repellent
Mouse Repellent
Rodent Repellent

Get rid of rats, mice, raccoons, opossums, squirrels, chipmunks and many other rodents and pests.

Answers to your frequently asked questions:

Q. What makes this rodent and rat repellent product work so well?
A. LaTorre's Critter Out is a dual deterrent and repellent working both by smell and taste. There are 5 different essential oils and various other ingredients that combined create a very strong citrus and spice menthol-burning sensation that these rats, mice and other rodents are completely repulsed and irritated by. Their sense of smell is 1000 times greater than humans. But even long after we humans can't smell it anymore, it's still too strong for them. No need to worry though, it won't harm them, but it will drive them away and stop them from chewing and gnawing around your home and garden area.

Q. Where can I apply LaTorre's Critter Out?
A. Critter Out can be effectively applied in and around your home. Including basements, cabinets, closets, decks, sheds, attics, crawl spaces, patios, garbage cans, cabins, boathouses, barns, RV campers, campsites, picnic areas, car tires, engine compartment hoses & wiring, nesting areas, holes near sidewalks and foundations, vegetable gardens, flower beds, and any other surface where rodent activity is evident. On hard surfaces first test an area to see if staining occurs, then spray thoroughly.

Q. Will LaTorre's Critter Out wash away in the rain if sprayed outside?
A. No, here's why. We added two all natural stickers. Gum Arabic, which is found in many commercial chewing gums, and vegetable oil, which everyone knows that oil & water doesn't mix. The combination of the two works exceptionally well together at keeping the rest of the ingredients sticking to most surfaces without the addition of any harmful chemicals or commercial glues. Use common sense, during periods of abnormally heavy rain, reapply. Critter Out will not easily wash away in the rain and can continue to be effective, but the potency can be affected by severe conditions.

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Rat Repellent
Mouse Repellent
Rodent Repellent

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