National Home & Gardening Club Test Results For LaTorre’s Deer Out™ Deer Repellent

I would highly recommend this product to others…It worked great and kept the deer from  eating our cedar trees, like they have for the past two years…Excellent
Georgia Schubert: Medford, WI

Deer Out™ worked great around my vegetable garden, it kept the Deer Out™ of the garden, were in previous years the deer would eat the lettuce, carrots & cucumbers…But not this year.
Joe Evans: Hollywood, SC

I would recomend this product for it’s effectivness…Excellent product compared to others I have used.
L. Dasilva: Cleveland, OH

My willow trees were being destroyed by deer…After applying Deer Out™ they avoided it like the plague…Even keeps working after several rainy periods.
Patricia Neuspickel: Covington, KY

Deer ravaged my young dogwood trees and other plantings.I applied Deer Out™ and have  had no new damage.Thank you so much for the opportunity to test this product. Performance: Excellent
Bonnie Hoffmeister: Genoa, NE

We have a lot of deer. Deer Out™ has given my garden a chance to grow..We took our fence down to do some dozer work leaving my vegetables open. After spraying Deer Out™ no deer entered my garden.THANK YOU Deer Out™
Marqueita Coon: Paden, OK

We live among the deer. It isnt uncommon to see 8 or 10 go through the yard in the morning.I used Deer Out™ on our young fruit trees and maples. The results so far are excellent. It has kept them from clipping the ends. I dont know if I would have paid $15.99 having never used it, But I would now.
Jim Beranek: Kalispell, MT

Oh, It’s very, very easy to use, and it kept the deer away from my shrubs & plants better than any other product I’ve tried!
Kimberly Gore: Portland, OR

This is the first year that all of my tulips are blooming. Im encouraged to plant more bulbs in the fall.
Caryl Brown: Spotsylvania, VA

I have not had any deer eat my new plant growth since I applied Deer Out™.
Kreg Adams: Fort Collins, CO

I highly recommend Deer Out™. It was very easy to use,and worked extremely well. Deer Out™ saved all of my  fruit shrubs and flowers from the deer. I plan on using a lot more in the future.
Nancy Gross: Cincinnatus, NY

Deer Repellent
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